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W9 - Need a W9 or ACH/Wire Payment Information for Array?
Download a W-9 Form

Multiple Shipping Locations - Need to place 1 order but have it shipped to multiple locations? Download Multiple Shipping Locations Form
Once complete please email to customerservice@arrayenterprises.com

Redeem By Mail - Redeeming your Butterball Turkey Gift Card by mail is easy. Simply download and complete the required information and your chosen cards will be sent to you by mail. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.
Download Redeem By Mail Form

Retailer Letter - Are you a store in need of information on usage of these checks?
Download Retailer Letter

Mail via USPS to Recipients Home  - Need to place 1 order but have it mailed to recipients' homes? Note that additional Fee's and postage apply, please contact us via the email address below for more information.
Download USPS Template
Once complete please email to customerservice@arrayenterprises.com