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The Best Customer Loyalty Program with Meaningful Rewards

  • Oct 2, 2018
  • Customer Appreciation, Promotional Incentives

Are You Rewarding Your Customers?


Everyone wants to be rewarded and feel appreciated. It’s human nature.


Similar to how your employees enjoy being recognized, your customers need attention too. They want to feel that you value their business. And ensuring a good relationship with your customers is the key to success. If they feel special and connected to a brand, they’re more likely to return.


When repeat customers is the name of the game, you must have a winning reward program in place to keep them coming back for more.


Incentive Programs with a Purpose


Incentivizing customers can take on many different forms. How do you find the program that works best for your business? Start by filtering through programs with a meaningful connection to your customers.


Smart loyalty programs solve a consumer problem while also creating an experience for the customer—one that they’ll actually want to use. That means reaping the reward is easy to do and your customer doesn’t have to go out of their way to enjoy it.


Your incentive program should also align with your customer’s beliefs. The better you understand your target consumer, the easier it will be to harness their loyalty to your brand.


Butterball Gift Checks: The Perfect Promotional and Consumer Loyalty Incentives


The Butterball Gift Check Program has proven successful as a customer loyalty program for companies large and small, across all industries, for nearly 30 years. From attracting new or repeat customers to car dealerships or casinos, to incentivizing corporate wellness initiatives and more, Butterball Gift Checks are the perfect promotional tool.


So, what is it that makes Butterball Gift Checks the promotional gift people crave? For starters, this program means so much more than the monetary value of the check. You’re giving someone the experience of a memorable holiday meal enjoyed around the table with family and friends. It’s truly a thoughtful gift that connects with people on an emotional level.


And because Butterball Gift Checks never expire and can be redeemed at most grocery stores nationwide on products that fit their dietary needs (they’re not just for turkey), your customers can use the gift checks whenever and wherever they want. Talk about enticing!


Added bonus: the gift checks can be customized to include your brand logo and a special message letting them know how much you appreciate their business. This will feed the cycle—appreciated customers are happy customers; happy customers are brand loyal customers; brand loyal customers are great for your bottom line.


Ready to Take Your Customer Loyalty Program to the Next Level?


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