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Want Happy Customers? Focus on Employee Motivation

  • Sep 4, 2018
  • Employee Engagement, Performance Recognition

Why Employee Motivation Matters


At some point in your career you’ve probably heard about the importance of happy employees. But are you aware of the impact this has on your company? Follow along with this logic…


By creating a happier, more positive work environment, you’ll be increasing your employee retention rate. According to Forbes, a higher retention rate results in employees’ professional development and improved skills. This, in turn, increases your business’s productivity.


The more time an employee spends at a company, the better they become at their job. So rather than regularly training new employees, make sure your current employees get the opportunity to expand on their skills.


So how exactly do you increase retention rate? When employees feel appreciated, challenged, and rewarded, their loyalty to the company grows. And thus, they are more likely to want to stay with the same employer.


Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers


“I don’t want high customer satisfaction,” said nobody ever.


In addition to increasing productivity, happy employees lead to happy customers.


Again, the logic is fairly simple. Motivated employees typically have a more genuine engagement with customers. And since people want to do business with a humanized brand over a faceless corporation, it’s valuable to encourage employees to connect with the customers directly.


Customer satisfaction and employee performance will increase when there is a sincere affinity with the business. Happy customers and happy employees? Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

But the question remains: how do you effectively motivate your employees?


Employee Incentives: Finding the Perfect Gift


It’s clear that focusing on employee motivation is beneficial to a company. While you may strive for it to be a priority, we understand day-to-day tasks can easily sweep away your focus on brilliant ways to reward your workforce.


Save time by focusing on finding one gift everyone will enjoy and appreciate.


One gift that can be personalized and yet is affordable (you can’t go spending ALL the company profits now).


One gift that your employees can use when it’s convenient for them.


One gift that will leave a lasting impression.


Butterball Gift Checks: Employee Motivation Made Simple

The Butterball Gift Check program is the perfect incentive to keep all your employees motivated since it’s a gift everyone will love. Why? Because Butterball Gift Checks can be used at most grocery stores nationwide for more than just turkey, and they never expire! Plus, enjoy gift check customization, flexibility with your budget, and super easy administration. Yes, this is the gift you’ve been looking for!


If you’re ready to take your employee motivation to the next level, contact us at 888.876.GIFT (4438) to request an estimate, purchase now or learn more about the program.