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The Importance of Saying 'Thank You' This Holiday Season (Yes – The Perfect Holiday Gift Does Exist!)

  • Sep 3, 2015
  • Customer Appreciation, Employee Engagement, Performance Recognition

Thank You! We can never hear those words enough! It’s just those two small words that make people feel warm and fuzzy inside. ‘Thank You’ tells our employees that they’re appreciated and that they’ve done a great job. It lets our customers know we really value their loyal business. These two small words are impactful, and it’s important to take the time to say them. David Shindler, author of Learning to Leap, reminds us that “employee surveys continue to show that people value a simple ‘thank you’ from managers.”

It’s Not Too Late to Say It!

Saying ‘Thank You’ doesn’t have to be a goal for next year, or a New Year’s Resolution for the company. The holiday season is the perfect time to let your eyes un-lock from your computer screen and growing email inbox, and look around at your hard working staff or valued customers. Now is the time to reflect on the year you’ve had and appreciate the people who helped get you there! In her article, How to Show Appreciation And Get Better Results From Your Employees This Holiday Season, Jacquelyn Smith tells us, not to reward and recognize our employees and customers during the holidays because “it’s the nice thing to do, but because it’ll make everyone happier and can also boost the company’s bottom line.”

In today’s competitive environment, it has become vital to show gratitude in order to retain valued employees and keep a competitive edge. What is equally important, is customer appreciation programs that say ‘Thank you for your loyalty!’ What better timing than Thanksgiving and the holiday season to give thanks to employees and customers?

‘Thanks’ Made Easy!

Administrators and Human Resources personnel spend countless hours searching for the perfect holiday gift every year – and that’s on top of everything else they have to manage on a daily basis! In a corporate environment, it becomes a daunting task to find one gift that will please everyone. There are so many gift ideas and web searches. How about a mug with the company logo? Or a hat? A tin of popcorn? Cookies? All of these gift ideas mean well, but we must admit these ideas become overused and stale over time. Don’t forget about the cost of packaging and shipping too!

So, What Defines the Perfect Holiday Gift?

  1. A gift that everyone will enjoy and appreciate.
  2. A gift that represents the warmth of the holidays.
  3. A gift they can share with their family.
  4. A gift that can be personalized.
  5. A gift that is not too expensive.

It’s hard to think about the holidays and Thanksgiving without thinking about Butterball. Did you know they offer a perfect holiday gift that delivers a convenient and personal way for companies to thank their employees and customers? “Giving gifts to employees doesn’t have to be so hard.” Butterball Gift Checks are good toward the purchase of a turkey or any grocery item – even the Pumpkin pies so your vegetarian employees are covered! Everyone can enjoy it! Use the Gift Check for the family’s Thanksgiving turkey or other items for a festive holiday meal. Do you have locations in Canada? The Butterball Gift Checks are offered in Canadian Dollars, too. One of the best advantages is that you can choose each Gift Check’s denomination to ensure it fits in your budget! The Gift Checks are available in any denomination up to $50 and can be enjoyed at most grocery stores and super centers nationwide. What could be easier? Give the gift they can bring home and share! Start a tradition – just like Thanksgiving! For more information on The Butterball Gift Check Program, visit www.ButterballGiftCheck.com, or call us at 888.876.GIFT to learn about special pricing! In a hurry? Use promotional code REWARD to save 40% off on gift check fees!