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Still Buying Frozen Turkeys in Bulk? Simplify Employee Gifting

  • Aug 1, 2018
  • Performance Recognition

Frozen Turkey Gifts: Thoughtful or Inconvenient?


You know the drill… You’re tasked with finding gifts for your employees to thank them for another year of hard work and dedication to your company. You call in to place your order for frozen turkeys thinking they’ll make for a unique, thoughtful gift employees will share with their family for their upcoming holiday dinner. Sounds simple enough, right?


Wrong! Because coordinating a bulk order of frozen turkeys is always hectic.


For starters, did you consider the cost of the freezer trailer, or how about hiring someone to pass out the meals-to-be all day? Then there’s the added cost of storing the frozen turkeys for those who travel around the holidays (conveniently on the day you planned to distribute them of course). And, there’s no doubt someone will be in a tizzy because their turkey is bigger than my turkey. Shall we go on?


Even the most thoughtful of gifts can be inconvenient.


A Modern Spin on Giving Frozen Turkeys for Less Holiday Stress


It’s time to make showing your employees appreciation around the holidays easier on you.


What if we said you could give the delicious gift of turkey without the hassle of frozen turkey logistics?


What if there was a way to ensure everyone received turkey gifts valued at the same exact amount?


And what if we said you could give one gift that also accommodates employees with unique dietary needs without any extra effort? (After all, you want a gift everyone will enjoy.)


That’s exactly where Butterball Gift Checks come into play.


Butterball Gift Checks: The Perfect Holiday Gift   


Butterball Gift Checks are a great alternative to buying frozen turkeys in bulk, and they are by far a more cost-effective gift solution in comparison. Plus, enjoy the added flexibility of:


  • Convenient distribution! Butterball Gifts Checks are easy to administer—no extra coordination with refrigerated trucks required. Not to mention checks weigh a lot less than frozen turkeys. 


  • Satisfying every taste! Dietary restrictions? No worries. With Butterball Gift Checks, everyone will have something to enjoy since they can be used to purchase turkey AND other food items that fit their tastes and needs.


  • No expirations! Traveling for the holidays? Save the gift for another celebration or take the gift check with you. Butterball Gift Checks never expire and are accepted at stores nationwide, so your employees can redeem the check when (and where) it’s convenient for them. 


  • Customization! Include your company logo and a special message for your recipients. Bet you can’t put that on a frozen turkey.



What’s to Love about Butterball Gift Checks?


Just take it from our customers:


“It has really eased the process of giving our employees something special for the Thanksgiving holiday. We used to pass out frozen turkeys, but we found it was very expensive, time consuming and some employees were vegetarians. Once we started giving out the gift certificates, it solved all those problems. -Rachel T., HR Generalist


"It is simple and easy not only for myself but for my employees. Long gone are the days of trying to figure out how to manage, pass out and store frozen turkeys for the employees. They can get what they want, when they want. I love this program!” -Chrystal G., HR Manager


"How easy it was to just hand the employees a certificate rather than a turkey. The certificates arrived quickly as well." -Chassity W., Office Manager


Meaningful Gifts Without the Hassle


You have enough on your plate managing day-to-day work tasks. So, check the gift search off your to-do list and let us make it easier than ever to give something meaningful to your employees—all while saving you time and money.


Ready to simplify your employee gifts? Contact us at 888.876.GIFT (4438) to request an estimate, purchase now or learn more about our program. Or watch this video to get the full scoop in one minute.