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Meaningful Holiday Gifts for Employees

  • Sep 3, 2019
  • Customer Appreciation, Employee Engagement, Performance Recognition, Promotional Incentives

It’s common to think that your company’s marketing efforts are not up to par during the holiday season. It’s the greatest time of the year—but also the busiest. You may feel so inundated with special offers that they actually begin to lose that element of being “special”.  


And more and more consumers are aware that businesses are pushing attractive deals and competitive promotions during the holiday season with the goal of driving customers through their doors.


So, how do you avoid getting caught up in all the holiday commotion connected to gift giving and create an exciting, successful incentive that’s truly meaningful to your target’s interest?



A Gift to be ThankFULL For


Butterball Gift Checks are a wonderful promotional tool that allows you to present a thoughtful and sentimental gift. The gift checks are sure to incentivize employees, increase customer loyalty, and even attract new business.


But those are not the only benefits—these gift checks are a hassle-free and budget-friendly fix to your gifting needs. Plus, Butterball is a nationally recognized brand that has reached thousands of companies to help them say thank you to their hardworking employees. From marketing promotions for large events, like big weekends at casinos, to test drive events at car dealerships and more, the Butterball Gift Check Program has proven to be effective at enhancing customer loyalty and employee recognition programs. 



Why Choose Butterball Gift Checks as a Marketing Tool?


  • Hassle free!
    • Cut the chaos with easy online ordering and quick turnaround times.



  • Nostalgic!
    • Butterball Gift Checks mean so much more than the monetary value. Your recipients can share this gift with their families over a holiday meal they’ll remember forever. You’ll satisfy every taste since the gift checks can be used to purchase turkey and other food items.


  • Customizable!
    • Grow brand awareness by adding your company logo and a special message on the gift checks for your recipients.



Grow Employee and Customer Loyalty


Keep tradition alive and show your employees and customers that you care with a Butterball Gift Check this holiday season. It’s the perfect way to deliver a targeted, personal and convenient holiday incentive.


Contact us at 888.876.GIFT (4438) to request an estimate, purchase now or learn more about our program. Or watch this video to get the one-minute scoop.