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Give Back With The Thoughtful Taste of Butterball this Holiday Section

  • Oct 23, 2015
  • Customer Appreciation, Incentive Research, Performance Recognition

A whirlwind of last-minute shopping trips, elaborate celebration preparations, and chaotic family visits is quickly approaching with the holiday season peeking around the corner. In the midst of the excitement, it’s easy to get swept up in the commotion and lose sight of the true significance of the holiday—giving.

During this exciting time of year, it’s heartwarming to see families slow down and recognize the loving role they play in each other’s lives. Meanwhile, it’s important for companies to stop and appreciate their hard working employees. When it comes to giving, we are all capable of making a truly meaningful contribution by taking the time to remember those who are most in need.  

What Makes the Ideal Charitable Donation During the Holidays?

It’s actually quite simple. The holidays are about giving those in need exactly what they need, which is warm food on their plate. One convenient and unique way to do just that is with Butterball Gift Checks.

The Butterball Gift Check Program is a versatile way to share those warm, sentimental feelings we enjoy while eating a traditional holiday meal at the table with family, friends and loved ones with those lacking the basic resources. The program provides support to those in need by enabling them to buy food for a warm meal, from ingredients for a green bean casserole to an entire Butterball turkey!

Giving Back as a Team

Charitable donations from corporations have increased in recent years, with multiple organizations already implementing unique philanthropic initiatives around the Butterball Gift Check Program.

The City of Baltimore designed a program specifically targeting their elderly community, using the Butterball gift check to encourage healthy eating. Recipients of the checks were able to purchase Butterball products from their local grocery store, leading to higher quality, nutritious foods.

Earlier this year, Nashville CARES participated in a similar charitable initiative by donating $50 Butterball Gift Checks to those in need in an effort to give them access to healthier grocery items. Without this assistance, these healthy alternatives are often overlooked in search of cheaper (and subsequently less nutritious) options.

Some organizations, such as the New York City Food Bank, take the program to the next level by using Butterball Gift Checks in correspondence with a “pantry box” they distribute to those in need during the holidays. Not only do recipients get a check; they also receive all the makings for a Thanksgiving dinner as a gift! From turkey and stuffing, to potatoes, green beans and cranberries, the pantry box is the ultimate gift offering care and generosity.

Butterball Gift Checks – The Tasty and Easy Way to Give Back

As organizations already using the program have shown, there are many powerful, meaningful ways gift checks can be used to give back this holiday season. Remember that using Butterball Gift Checks as a philanthropic tool doesn’t have to be overwhelming holiday shopping experience. The checks are easy to order and distribute, and can even be customized for your organization. Give checks directly to your employees or ask them to donate their gift check to the charity of their choice to combine a holiday employee incentive program and a charitable program into one! Gobble or give!  A simple $25 Butterball Gift Check donation will purchase (on average) a 16 pound turkey to feed 10 to 15 people.

For more information on the Butterball Gift Check Program or to order your gift checks today, visit www.butterballturkeygift.com.