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Customer Satisfaction Starts with Incentivized Employees

  • Sep 19, 2019
  • Employee Engagement, Incentive Research, Performance Recognition, Service Anniversary

Why Employee Incentives Matter


It is probably no surprise to hear that employee happiness is an important part of maintaining a positive company culture. But do you truly understand how this influences the company’s bottom line?  Follow along with this logic…


By creating a happier, more positive workplace, you’ll increase employee retention. According to Forbes, a higher retention rate results in professional development and improved skills among employees. Naturally, this will improve business productivity.


From there, we often see a strong correlation between the number of years an employee spends with a company and their ability to perform their job well. Instead of regularly replacing employees and spending time on training, focus on helping current employees develop their skills.


So how exactly do you increase retention rate? By giving employees reasons to be satisfied with their position! When employees feel appreciated, challenged, and rewarded, their loyalty to the company grows, and so does the desire to stay with the same employer.



Satisfied Employees Lead to Satisfied Customers


Positive customer experiences are often linked to organizations that, first and foremost, understand how to treat their employees well. So beyond happy employees leading to higher productivity within a company, employee morale will also impact customer satisfaction.


Again, the logic is quite simple. When employees are motivated to perform their job well, they engage with customers on a more positive level and care about creating genuine interactions.


And we know people want to do business with other (real) people—not a faceless corporation. That being said, the more you can encourage employees to connect with customers directly, the better!


Customer satisfaction and employee performance will both increase when people have rewarding interactions with the business. Which begs the question: what are you doing to reward or incentivize your employees?



How to Effectively Motivate Your Employees


Employee recognition done well is clearly beneficial to a company, but it is easy to confuse recognition with one-off parties and perks. While these moments are fun, they don’t always reflect the reward your employees deserve.


Finding a personalized gift that will leave a lasting impression on employees (and that is also very affordable from a budgeting standpoint), will be much more valuable and enjoyed by all. 



Butterball Gift Checks: Employee Incentives Made Simple


The Butterball Gift Check program is the perfect way to show employees you care and value their hard work. Why are Butterball Gift Checks the answer? Because they are hassle-free, budget flexible, meaningful and customizable gifts. Butterball Gift Checks can be used to purchase more than just turkey to satisfy every taste (and tradition). Plus, the gift checks can be used at most grocery stores nationwide and never expire!


Yup, this is the gift you’ve been searching for.


If you’re ready to take your employee incentive program to the next level, contact us at 888.876.GIFT (4438) to request an estimate, purchase now or learn more about the program.