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Butterball Gift Checks: Better than Grocery Gift Cards for Your Holiday Gifting Program

  • Dec 11, 2018
  • Customer Appreciation, Gift Card Rewards, Performance Recognition

The holiday season is the most common time of year for employers to reward their employees for their hard work, or for companies to thank customers or clients for their loyalty. With so many different gift options to choose from, it can be difficult to select one that everyone will enjoy.

Lucky for you, the Butterball Gift Check Program offers the flexibility that no other gift checks or gift cards do to satisfy everyone on your list.


Butterball Gift Check Program vs. Grocery Store Gift Card


Flexibility to Shop at Preferred Grocery Store   

Perhaps you’ve been considering a grocery store gift card to say thanks to your employees. That means your recipients will be forced to go to that specific store to use their gift, whereas Butterball Gift Checks are much more flexible, allowing them to shop at their preferred grocery retailer.

Since our gift checks can be used virtually anywhere nationwide, recipients who may be traveling for the holidays or work remotely won’t be left out. They’ll be able to shop at local stores instead of being limited to a grocery store without nearby locations.   


Adjustable Gift Value

Most grocery stores have set gift card values ($5, $25, etc.). Butterball Gift Checks are available in any denomination between $1 and $50. That means you’ll be able to adjust the value of each holiday gift you give to employees or customers to fit any size budget.


Holiday Gift Customization

Hoping to put a personal touch to your holiday gift program? Adding a message of gratitude or a holiday greeting to the gift will make your employees and customers feel even more appreciated.

Keep in mind that grocery store gift cards are not customizable. Butterball Gift Checks, on the other hand, can be enhanced with a custom message (up to 400 characters) and your company logo. We will also adjust the font, size, and placement of the message for ultimate personalization.


Quick Delivery 

When time is of the essence, rest assured knowing that Butterball Gift Check orders print and ship from our facility within 24-48 hours of payment, and often ship same-day during the busy holiday season.


Butterball Gift Checks: The Better Holiday Gift Option

Ready to give your employees what they really want this holiday season? Contact us at 888.876.GIFT (4438) to request an estimate, purchase now or learn more about our program.