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Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Butterball Gift Check Program

  • Dec 4, 2018
  • Customer Appreciation, Employee Engagement, Performance Recognition

You Asked, We Answered: Employee Holiday Gifting Solved


Decisions, decisions! It is important to be informed when deciding on holiday gifts for employees and customers. We are simplifying this process for you by answering the top five most frequently asked questions about the Butterball Gift Check Program—the perfect solution to all your corporate holiday gifting needs! 



Top 5 FAQs About the Butterball Gift Check Program


1. Why give a Butterball Gift Check and not a store gift card, or add money to an employee’s paycheck?


With a Butterball Gift Check, your employees will enjoy the flexibility of a gift check that can be used at any grocery store nationwide. This is especially helpful for employees traveling around the holidays where specific stores may not be available.


You also won’t have to worry about dietary preferences, as Butterball Gift Checks can be redeemed for food items other than turkey.


And if you’re worried about personalization, don’t! Butterball Gift Checks can be personalized to include your company’s logo and a message thanking your employees for their hard work and loyalty. 



2. Once we place an order, how long does it take for us to receive it?


Once payment is received, we print and ship orders within 24 to 48 hours. During the holiday season, we often print and ship orders the same day payment is received as long as it is received in the morning.


Expedited shipping is also available and you can easily apply your company UPS or FedEx account number to cover these shipping costs.


We also offer free FedEx ground shipping for orders of $500 or more. Please note it varies by state and time of the year since inclement weather may slow down delivery time.


Once your order ships you will receive a tracking number that will give you a more exact time frame of delivery.



3. How much does a turkey cost?


The cost of a turkey varies by grocery store and will depend on what sales are available. As a general rule, price per pound tends to decrease around Thanksgiving, making it the perfect time to buy.


The most common denomination ordered for Butterball Gift Checks is between $20 - $25, although the gift checks can be ordered in any denomination between $1 and $50.



4. How are the gift checks redeemed?


Butterball Gift Checks can be redeemed at grocery stores nationwide that carry Butterball products and accept checks.


The cashier will process the gift check like any other check received that day. Your recipients can also bring our Retailer Letter with them to ensure proper redemption.



5. Do the gift checks expire?


Butterball Gift Checks are backed and branded by Array Enterprises, Inc. and never expire.


Your recipients are not obligated to redeem these by a certain date, making it the perfect gift to use at their convenience.


Ready to try Butterball Gift Checks?

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