Give Back with the Thoughtful Taste of Butterball this Holiday Season


A whirlwind of last-minute shopping trips, elaborate celebration preparations, and chaotic family visits is quickly approaching with the holiday season peeking around the corner. In the midst of the excitement, it’s easy to get swept up in the commotion and lose sight of the true significance of the holiday—giving.

During this exciting time of year, it’s heartwarming to see families slow down and recognize the loving role they play in each other’s lives. Meanwhile, it’s important for companies to stop and appreciate their hard working employees. When it comes to giving, we are all capable of making a truly meaningful contribution by taking the time to remember those who are most in need.   Continue reading

The Importance of Saying ‘Thank You’ This Holiday Season (Yes – The Perfect Holiday Gift Does Exist!)


Thank You! We can never hear those words enough! It’s just those two small words that make people feel warm and fuzzy inside. ‘Thank You’ tells our employees that they’re appreciated and that they’ve done a great job. It lets our customers know we really value their loyal business. These two small words are impactful, and it’s important to take the time to say them. David Shindler, author of Learning to Leap, reminds us that “employee surveys continue to show that people value a simple ‘thank you’ from managers.” Continue reading

Non-Cash Incentives Drive Greater Results


Employers often use cash as an award because it is easy to obtain and distribute to their employees. Yet, employees often times do not see it as an award because it is tied to their paycheck. As Claudio Ayub points out in his article, cash goes in one pocket and out the other to pay bills; recipients do not remember what they earned in a cash incentive program. While cash may be convenient for the employer, it is not always the best motivator for employees. Continue reading

Your Employees Know What Motivates Them. Do You?


As mentioned in our previous blog post, The 10 Best Ways to Successfully Reward and Recognize Employees, it is more important than ever to entice your employees with relevant rewards. With that being said, there are two takeaways from that tip.

  1. The pins, crystal vases, t-shirts, hats and plaques that used to motivate and excite 25 years ago, don’t have the same impact today.
  2. What might inspire one person, may have the opposite effect on another.

Continue reading

When’s the Best Time to Reward Employees?


So true. Timing is Everything.

Managers and Comedians

Imagine sitting in a comedy club watching a comedian bomb. It’s painful. People feel uncomfortable. Most likely, his timing is waaaay-way off.

In the workplace, managers aren’t comedians (generally), but they need to share a critical trait with comedians to keep things rolling in a manner that keeps everyone happy and engaged. They need: Great Timing. Continue reading